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Who We Are

PropelTO is an informal, free networking community for Toronto travel professionals of all ages and from all sectors of the industry.

We meet monthly in a Toronto bar, hotel, or travel company headquarters for conversation, learning, and drinks. We fill a need for an industry-wide platform that brings together enthusiastic individuals (known as Propellers) to discuss the present and future of this great business we share.

Our goals are to:

  • Build a sense of belonging, and foster new connections amongst our members, both professionally and socially.
  • Encourage an exchange of information through mixing members from a wide range of different roles, who wouldn’t normally get a chance to meet, and through our sponsors’ presentations.

Warmest Regards,

The PropelTO Team

Our Membership

Our membership is open to anyone currently working in the travel industry, travel students, and those looking for new opportunities in the travel biz. There are no age limits, and our definition of the industry is wide and welcoming; we have members from traditional roles, like travel advisors, hoteliers, and tour operators, as well as members from new spaces, like travel tech start-ups, blogging, and virtual reality marketing. The more diversity, the better.

  • Excited about the direction of this industry.
  • Keen to learn and share your knowledge.
  • Ready to make connections and support your fellow Propellers.


PropelTO @ G Adventures

Get to know your fellow PropelTO members and show off your best travel trivia knowledge in a game of Kahoot! The first round of drinks and light snacks will be provided by our sponsor, G Adventures.

Where: G Adventures Base Camp, 19 Charlotte Street

Dec. 10
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PropelTO @ The Drake Hotel

Come see how a Toronto institution is growing and adapting to the expectations of modern travellers... over drinks! The crowd will be a broad crossection of the travel industry, so don't feel confined to cool hotels.

Where: The Drake Hotel

Sept. 24
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PropelTO Inaugural Event

An informal social networking event. The first round of drinks and light snacks will be provided by our sponsors, TourRadar and Sherpa.  We are also going to open up the floor to you, our members, for a 30-second 'open mic' speed round to share with your fellow members who you are, what your company is up to, what you're looking for, who's hiring, etc.  Make sure you sign up upon arrival, and remember you have 30 seconds! 

Where: Toronto Island Marina (Centre Island) - Upper Deck Bar

July 24
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About Us

Annie's Photo

Annie Ewing

After spending a couple years living in France, Annie tweeted to a couple travel companies the age-old question, “How do I get paid to travel the world?” The response: join the travel industry! This led to a career as a custom luxury travel planner at TTI Travel.

As advertised, working in tourism has taken her to most continents and dozens of countries for research. She sends her clients on bespoke trips around the world, arranging cool hotels, private insider tours, unique experiences, and smooth transportation.

When she’s not geeking out on travel, Annie can be found fighting discrimination through events like 2018’s panel discussion, “Let’s Get Uncomfortable: Exploring Gender Equity & Equality in Canada’s Travel Industry.”

Find Annie:

Amanda's Photo

Amanda Dunning

An avid traveller, Amanda always knew she was destined for a career in the tourism industry, and has had the chance to explore many avenues in this exciting business. After graduating from Ryerson’s Hospitality and Tourism with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Amanda headed to the seas for a stint on Disney Cruise Line. Following that career-shaping experience, she learned the ropes selling luxury travel and custom-designing high-end tours and experiences for 1-150 people.

After a few years of travel consulting, she swapped out sales for marketing and was named the Director of Marketing at Southwest Adventure Tours, an adventure DMC based in Utah. Now at G Adventures, Amanda is the Brand Manager of National Geographic Journeys & the Jane Goodall Collection. She is passionate about building travel brands, relationship management, event planning, and her Chihuahua, Davey.

Not only that, she's passionate about the future of the travel industry, especially in Toronto, and is thrilled to be part of PropelTO's board. She’s looking forward to watching this community grow!

Find Amanda: On Instagram.

Zach's Photo

Zach Vanasse

Zach Vanasse is manager, marketing & creative at Bannikin Travel & Tourism, a niche-focused consulting firm based in downtown Toronto. A content specialist with a decade’s worth of experience in the travel industry, he spearheads Bannikin’s marketing department, leading on content creation, branding and storytelling strategy. He also works to connect travel organizations with sustainability leaders around the world and develops sustainability programs and initiatives for travel companies.

Zach came to the travel industry quite by accident. He started his professional writing career in sports, then switched to covering music & arts before moving to Toronto and being hired to cover the Canadian travel industry, serendipitously landing in this business. Before joining Bannikin, he served as an editor with PAX News and PAX Magazine where he worked with industry leaders and innovators, gaining insight into the inner workings of the industry. As a journalist, he developed personal relationships with many of the travel industry’s thought leaders, directors and industry influencers. In his role as editor, he collaborated with a variety of industry organizations ranging from tourism boards to tour operators.

He was a founding board member and former president of the Young Travel Professionals – Toronto chapter and holds a bachelor’s degree in professional writing from the Université de Sherbrooke.

Find Zach: At the next PropelTO event!

Max's Photo

Max Tremaine

Co-founder of Sherpa, Max is really interested in how technology is changing the travel experience and industry.

Find Max: On Twitter.

Marc's Photo

Marc Sison

Marc is currently a Product Director at Kensington Tours. He started his career in the industry selling a part the world where his heart has the softest part, Africa. His passion for wildlife, conservation and local culture has taken him to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, wild lemurs of Madagascar, all the way to the Great Migration of wildebeest in Kenya and to the deserts of Morocco. Marc has since expanded his role at Kensington Tours and have recently developed product in Europe as well as the sub-continent. On his spare time, you can see him taking photographs of birds in Toronto’s urban parks such as Tommy Thompson and Col. Samuel Smith Park. Marc holds a bachelor’s degree in English & History, but most proud of his diploma in Tourism & Hospitality from Humber College.

Find Marc: On Instagram.

Adam's Photo

Adam Hodge

When he’s not paddling a canoe or drinking copious amounts of coffee, you’ll find Adam talking about some kind of travel plans. He spent a month doing Tai-Chi in China, horse-camped in Mongolia, rode 3rd class trains all over India, tour-guided in Europe, worked in Namibia and surfed in Costa Rica – the travel bug bit this Canadian repeatedly. Food is one highlight of any destination for him, and he’s admitted on a few times to be willing to try just about any food once, and apparently “putrefied shark wasn't that bad”.

Find Adam: On Instagram.

Devin's Photo

Devin Kinasz

Devin loves new adventures and exploring exciting cities around the world. She is Publisher of Travelweek – Canada’s best-read travel trade publication – and loves the passion, camaraderie and shared values in the Canadian travel industry. She caught the travel bug early in life while on holidays with her parents, and it ramped up as she studied abroad and backpacked around Asia and Europe. Her previous role as a Country Risk Economist, while living in England, took her to places like Kazakhstan, Albania and Kosovo. Devin’s most favourite recent adventure was a snowboarding trip to Japan where she enjoyed powder days with waist-deep snow!

Find Devin: At the next PropelTO event!

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